University of Science and Technology of China

Communication Engineering


Entry Requirements

1. Non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, in good physical and mental health, and awarded a graduation certificate from senior high school

2. Having passed new HSK Level 5 or above; applicants whose native language is Chinese, or can provide proof of studying at a high school where the teaching language is Chinese, can apply for HSK test exemption.

3. Emigrants from China's mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan applying as international students must have obtained their current foreign citizenship before April 30, 2018. In addition, the applicant must have lived abroad for at least 2 years during the period between April 30, 2018 and April 30, 2023 (more than 9 months of residence abroad per year may be considered as one year).

4. The conditions set by the Document No. 12 (2020) of Ministry of Education of the PRC (Annex I) should be met.

5. Applicants must hold a high school diploma (equivalent to high school diploma in China) by July of 2023.

※ For the graduates to obtain their degrees in 2023, they should submit a Pre-graduation Certificate to ensure that they will complete their study and obtain the degree by July of 2023.

Basic Information

·Starting Date : Sep 1 , 2024
·Duration: 4 Years
Teaching Language : Chinese
Application Deadline: Mar 31 , 2024
Tuition : RMB 26,000 Per Year
Application Fee: USD 0 ( (Check Policy)
Service Fee: USD 54 (Check Policy)
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